Max Rice

For US Congress - IL 9th



End one party rule and radical agendas

Reverse high gas prices and inflation 

Return US to energy independence

Make our streets safe again

Secure our border 

End fentanyl and other drugs pouring in

Improve our schools

Provide leadership on the world stage 

Politicians do not write their own bills

Politicians do not read the bills they vote on.

Politicians spends 30 hours a week fundraising.


US Drug overdoses are up 100% over the past six years

The Midwest is losing up to 33% of its top soil

The Average family is $150,000+ in debt

Half of Americans are in medical debt

10-12 year old suicide attempts are up over 400% over 2 decades 

There are 130 suicides per day in America

More than half of Americans have at least 1 chronic illness

United States Public Education is expensive but average quality

Our local beaches are disgusting 

Our drinking water is still toxic

The United States is heading towards super inflation

America isn't producing enough energy to keep up with rising demand 

America is facing more power outages

The average American can not afford a simple lawsuit

Most Violent crimes do not get solved

America's debt crosses $30 Trillion

Our underfunded pensions are too dependent on a rising stock market

Our elderly are scammed out of $36.5 billion a year

Instead of  vague statements, blaming others, lying and begging for money like a "politician".  I am running for congress to do the job .

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About Me

In 2018, I ran for Congress because felt there was a need to investigate corrupt Illinois officials.

Now that a lot of these people are indicted I see the problems in politics are greater than a few (indicted) people's desire for money.  We have a broken political system, where politicians are expected to make money, lie and under deliver.

 I believe the Torah is real and it makes clear we have a duty to set up un - bribed, un-perverted, functioning politicians.   


This time I am running to set a new standard. In how we campaign, in how we legislate, and how we manage an office. 

Professionally, I have been working in Energy Consultation with EnergyCX, Watt Pricer, and Energy Professionals of Illinois. 

Movies, music, books, history and football are some of my top interests (beyond energy)

Something that is sure to make political consultants cringe, I like doing stand up comedy.

Politically, I am a Republican in philosophy only and my favorite candidate in modern history is Ross Perot. 

Yet with a dysfunctional congress, we need to stop picking congress people like we do reality show contestants.


You may disagree with me on an issue or not like my style, but as F Booth Tarkinton wrote "Whatever does not pretend at all has style enough".  We need an actual representative. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!


Congressional Draft 4 10.28_edited.jpg

The 9th District

The only thing Lake Zurich and Evanston has in common is the 9th congressional district in purple.


This crazy gerrymandered district was created by a Governor who was elected on the promise of drawing "fair maps".

I call out the hypocrisy, but embrace the opportunity to represent so much space of a state I love. The fact that this state still stands after a century of corrupt politicians, speaks to the strength of our land, water, and people. 



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