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Make Shift Happen

Let's stop hating each other because of politics. We all agree on challenges and in Congress I will give everyone in the 9th district a platform for legislative action.


Increase the resilience of our electric grid and reduce energy costs.  Most everything we own is produced, stored, then transported to us. When the price of energy goes up.. so does the price of everything.  Additionally, electric demand is sky rocketing with more use of e-payment (paypal or crypto), the internet, and electric vehicles, but energy supply is not growing at the same rate. when the grid goes dark people die. I understand the stakes if we do not meet electric demand and support regional based solutions.


Increase the life span of all Americans by having clean water, air, and topsoil. We must fix Illinois lead pipe problem now and not over the next 50 years.

We must encourage more small farms and agriculture in case of more food shortages. There is plenty of land throughout our state and country (not to mention empty lots in our cities) that should be put to better use.


Raise the standard of education for kids.  Chicago Public School has created inhumane conditions for kids with unlimited potential.  Chicago administrators should be called to congress the same way we call baseball players when they do congress. I support providing relief to Chicago parents who send their kids to private school.


Make the US less corrupt through term limits, READ the bill  act, campaign finance reform, and my sub committee powers. I can fight Illinois local corruption with federal power. 


Save America Money. Financial waste is immoral. I will fight waste everywhere and specifically propose we cut, consolidate and/or reform our 400+ federal agencies. I propose we spread at least 200 federal agencies outside of Washington DC saving money and creating jobs.  I support small businesses and independent contractors , but think many fortune500 have too much power and unfair advantages.  


Healthcare. Most Americans can't afford to get sick. I support compromises such as allowing big pharma to extend their patents to reduce costs. I support investment in preventative healthcare such as youth sports and free cancer screenings. I support going after bureaucracy and corruption in the FDA and other federal agencies. I am open to supporting any measure that will reduce the cost or increase the quality of healthcare.  It shouldn't be cheaper to take a helicopter ride than an emergency ambulance ride. 


Protect peoples civil rights even if they have different religious beliefs than myself. I believe in the right to expression and or privacy. The government should protect expression including (but not limited too) repealing section 230.  And not violate privacy by spying and/or entrapping us.  


Keep our most vulnerable and innocent safe. I propose ending the 80 billion in excess IRS spending to hire part time security for schools, places of worship, and at events like parades. I also propose we repurpose the ATF to focus on mass shooting prevention and response.

Legislative Focus

Why Max Is Running.

US Drug overdoses are up 100% over the past six years

The Midwest is losing up to 33% of its top soil

The Average family is $150,000+ in debt

Half of Americans are in medical debt

10-12 year old suicide attempts are up over 400% over 2 decades 

There are 130 suicides per day in America

More than half of Americans have at least 1 chronic illness

United States Public Education is expensive but average quality

Our local beaches are disgusting 

Our drinking water is still toxic

The United States is heading towards super inflation

America isn't producing enough energy to keep up with rising demand 

America is facing more power outages

The average American can not afford a simple lawsuit

Most Violent crimes do not get solved

America's debt crosses $30 Trillion

Our underfunded pensions are too dependent on a rising stock market

Our elderly are scammed out of $36.5 billion a year

"Instead of vague statements, blaming others, lying, and begging for money like a "politician" this campaign has been about action.

Politicians use painful issues to get out the vote and don't mention specific solutions. 

Our campaign teaches constituents how to write bills for specific solutions by holding law writing sessions.

Politicians talk about how much they care about the enviroment by printing 10 thousand flyers.'

Our campaign takes old yard signs and puts "Rice for Congress" stickers on them.

Politicians talk trash.

Our campaign picks up trash at events and on our streets.

I promise to be a true representative in office humble enough to listen and serve all.

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About Me

The 9th District

The only thing Lake Zurich and Evanston has in common is the 9th congressional district in purple.


This crazy gerrymandered district was created by a Governor who was elected on the promise of drawing "fair maps".

I call out the hypocrisy, but embrace the opportunity to represent so much space of a state I love. The fact that this state still stands after a century of corrupt politicians, speaks to the strength of our land, water, and people. 


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In 2018, I ran for Congress because felt there was a need to investigate corrupt Illinois officials.

Now that most of these people are indicted... I understand the problems in politics is greater than any particular person.  What is up is down, and what is down is up.  The legislative branch priorities and behavior is plain wrong.


We need congress to pass stand alone laws again. Laws that correct wrongs or solve challenges. Not satisfy special interests or trades for future favors. 

 I do not want to run for congress. I am running because we have to set a new standard.  A normal standard. In how we campaign, in how we legislate, and how we treat our constituents.  I see the problem and know spefically where to act. To not run for congress would be immoral and with your vote we can win!

I live in amazing West Rogers Park (Devon Street Represent!) and have over a decade of experience in electricity and natural gas.

Movies, music, fiction, history and football are some of my top interests (beyond energy). I will not say my favorite ones.... politics is divisive enough. Stand-Up Comedy is my favorite hobby and love how comedy, religion and press are legal in this country.  I have been active in Politics since an early age, but never as a career. 

You may disagree with me on an issue or not like my style, but as F Booth Tarkinton wrote "Whatever does not pretend at all has style enough".  I will give you an opportunity to craft law and enjoy the highest quality constituent services.




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